If you want to add another dimension to your marketing product

4D LENTICULAR PRINTS Add another dimension to your marketing products. If you’re looking for something to set your business cards or postcards apart from everyone else, lenticular printing is a great idea. They are also an inexpensive giveaway for a convention or fair because they are fun for the kids. 4D Prints is a Lenticular product that allows you to have two or three different pictures in one. We take your images and create a swapping effect, each image vanishing and then reappearing from one to another as you move it up and down. There is a backing that can also be printed in normal 4 color process. Total thickness with both plastic 4D viewer and backing is 21pt. Only the front side will have the 4D effect.
Our lenticular sheets are 75 LPI. LPI means Lenticules Per Inch.
Your images will transition from one to another as you move the card up and down. At the moment, only a vertical transition or flip is available for order.
We require regular .125″ bleed for 4D prints. The total bleed should be .125″ added to the cut size. For example, if you are ordering a business card the final size you should upload is 3.625 x 2.125. The files should still be CMYK and 300dpi as normal. There are some other rules you should follow as well when setting up the front of a 4D card
– Dark solid colored and/or textured backgrounds work well.
– White and light colored areas are transparent, other views / flips will show through white areas causing a ghosting effect. White and light colored areas only work well if each view has white/light colors in the exact same area.
– Use bold san sarif fonts.
– Avoid small, fine and thin type. Fonts get distorted through the lens / plastic surface, so the bolder the better.
– Text that varies from view to view / file to file should NOT overlap, it should be in different positions on each view.
– 4D effect works best when the variation from image to image is subtle and simple.
Another thing to keep in mind is how many files will be uploaded. It depends if you pick a two or three image transition.
TWO IMAGE FLIP 4/0 = Two images for the front only
4/4 = Two images for the front, one image for the back
Three Image Flip:
4/0 = Three images for the front only
4/4 = Three images for the front, one image for the back
ANNOUNCEMENT CARDS Full Color Announcement Cards and Full Color Announcement Magnets make ideal messaging tools for individuals and businesses in a wide variety of vertical markets. Printed on premium substrates or 17-point magnetic stock (for magnets) with a range of finishing options, Announcement Cards and Announcement Magnets are a great way to ensure that your carefully crafted message gets delivered, seen and saved. Announcement Cards are flat cards with the option of blank envelopes. Great for Save the Date Announcements, Special Promotions, Store Openings and Sample Sales.
BOOKMARKS With a variety of card stocks, you can be sure you won’t lose your place with these excellent bookmarks.
BUSINESS CARDS Business cards are offered in a variety of premium card stocks.
CD AND DVD Our CD and DVD products are tailored to industry-standard jewel cases and slip covers. They are the perfect solution for businesses who manufacture CDs or DVDs, or for presentations, training videos, and software programs. Our CD sleeves are the perfect no-jewel case option for that professional and presentable finish.
CALENDARS Custom Calendars mean 365 days of brand exposure! Calendar printing is an easy and cost-effective way to make sure your business or brand is seen by dozens, hundreds or thousands of people every day. It’s also a great way to promote your business. Our full-color Calendars are printed on top-quality offset and digital printing presses and they range from 24 to 28 pages.
Spiral binding- gloss finished or AQ finished.
CATALOGS Saddle Stitched Catalogs have a thicker cover stock for enhanced quality and durability and are great for booklets, magazines, newsletters, event programs and more! Our professional saddle stitch binding offers a great finishing option for your documents.

Perfect binding gives your catalogs a more finished, refined look. A 10pt C1S cover (no coating) is bound with 80lb book (no coating) on the inside. The cover will be printed as 4:0 with the inside cover being blank and the inside of the booklet will be printed as 4:4. Perfect Bound Catalogs are perfect for catalogs, manuals, presentations and proposals.

DOOR HANGERS Door Hangers help you maximize your marketing impact efficiently. They are at the pinnacle of effectiveness in this rapidly evolving world of direct marketing strategies.
FLYERS AND BROCHURES Flyers and Brochures are available with a variety of folding options in various sizes. Standard Accordion folds are offered as 4-panels. We also offer 5-panel Accordion fold jobs via Estimating only. Coating options on this product category include AQ or UV Coating.
FOIL WORX Bring extra flair and shine to your business! Choose from either gold or silver foil accents for business cards and have them printed on 14pt uncoated or 16pt silk laminated stock. The combination of foil with either finish are a surefire way to make a statement. Please note that the same color foil must be used for the front and back of your product.
GREETING CARDS Get the word out with our Greeting Cards and Announcement Cards. Both products are available with unique finishing options and are printed on the highest quality paper. Greeting Cards include a half score and some have the option to add Gift Card Slits, while Announcement cards are flat cards.
Need Envelopes? Greeting Cards and Announcement Cards have the option to add blank envelopes. 14pt Pearl Metallic cards pair with blank envelopes on 80lb Pearl Metallic Text stock; All other cards are paired with blank envelopes on 70lb Premium Uncoated Text.
Blank Envelope Sizes:
A2 envelopes = 5.75–€ x 4.375–€
A6 envelopes = 6.5″ x 4.75″
A7 envelopes = 5.25–€ x 7.25–€
LETTERHEADS Complete your business package with 70lb Premium Uncoated Text letterheaders. They are printed on bright white, heavy bond paper.
Other stock available as well.
If you have a certain stock in mind please let us know.
MAGNETS Our magnetic cards are printed with the highest quality and vibrant colors. They offer durability, extended exposure, and efficiency along with huge savings. Best of all magnet orders are automatically upgraded to our NEW 17PT magnetic stock.
MULTI-PAGE BOOKLETS Booklets range from 4 to 52 pages printed on durable 100lb Book stock and are assembled in-house. To ensure the pagination is correct, the pages should be provided as single pages, not as spreads, except for 4 page and 6 page brochures where printer spreads are required. All elements, text and images that are not intended to bleed off need to be at least 0.25″ from the cut line for safety. Artwork should have at least 0.25″ bleed around.Landscape booklets are available by choosing Short Edge Binding from the drop-down menu Binding Edge. Custom booklet orders are available by clicking on Estimates and filling out the custom order form.
NCR-FORMS NCR Forms are the modern alternative to carbon paper and are an efficient way to provide multicolored copies of a single document with handwritten or typed information. Use them as order forms, packing lists, invoices, receipts, and more. They’re available in 2 Part (White, Canary) and 3 Part (White, Canary, Pink) collated sets that are glued on the short edge and printed on high tech digital equipment.
NOTEPADS Notepads are available in various sizes and page count with a full four color process. All the notepads come with a nice sturdy chipboard backing and the pages are compiled of premium 70lb text with maximum brightness. Run size quantities are based on total number of finished pads.
PLASTIC CARDS Plastic Cards are a great way to put your business in the lead! They offer thousands of practical and promotional applications with a huge market. Plastics are set to super affordable Trade-Only prices, providing a huge opportunity to perfect your profits with comfortable mark-ups. Plastic Cards are durable and printed on 20PT Plastic Opaque White, Frosted, and Clear stocks. They are even available with Foil Worx if you want to add extra flare to these premium cards.
POSTCARDS Postcards are printed on premium quality card stock. Use postcards to reach new markets, maintain contact with customers, or thank and reward loyal customers. Based on popular demand we introduce Extreme Short Run line, also known as ESR.
Note: ESR quantities start from 25-250 and are printed on brand new, high tech digital equipment. Qty 25 and 50 is available for 4–€x 6–€ only.
Postcards are printed
Posters are available in a tremendous range of sizes and fast turnarounds. Our posters will prove to be some of the best examples of our printing quality.
PRESENTATION FOLDERS Impress your business meetings, conferences and trade shows with durable, high quality Presentation Folders. Choose from a variety of papers, coating options and sizes. Be one of a kind with the unique 6×9 mini folders. Complement your presentation with Sell Sheets, Flyers and Business Cards.
ROLL LABLES Roll Labels are great for packaging and promotions and they are printed on high tech digital equipment. Use them on bottles, as warning labels, or for branding. With different stock options, you will never run out of uses.
STICKERS Create memorable marketing campaigns with our durable stickers. Printed on premium stocks and liners, adhere perfectly to most flat surfaces. Intended indoor use.
CUSTOM ROLL LABLES Get your label noticed with a custom shape that complements your design. If you have a custom shape or odd size label, just select a size that’s slightly larger and upload your custom cut file with your print file.
With the ability to create labels of nearly any size or shape on a variety of label stocks, we are sure to fit your label printing needs.
SELL SHEETS Sell sheets are a great example of how our relentless pursuit of the highest quality products pays off. A great 4-color glossy sell sheet can make the difference between whether a company is seen as an industry leader or a prospective client.
SILK CARDS Silk Laminated cards are new in the market and have elegant and unique texture. They come in 16PT full color options and are laminated with special material that gives the cards a very pleasant Silky texture.
>STICKERS Create memorable marketing campaigns with our durable stickers. Printed on premium stocks and liners, stickers adhere perfectly to most flat surfaces. With the exception of our weather resistant Bumper Stickers, 4over stickers are not intended for outdoor use.
TABLE TENT CARDS Whether it is for special promotions, restaurant menus, or informational purposes, Table Tents are a direct form of advertising directly to your customers. Available in two popular sizes, Table Tents will allow you to effectively communicate with your customers with ease.
TEAR OFF CARDS More convenient then ever, Tear-Off Cards are a perfect 2-in-1 promotion piece to get your name out and your customers to easily remember you. Tear-Off Cards have a perforated business card on the bottom, where your customers can easily tear-off and store. As well Tear-Off Cards offer a multitude of uses such as membership cards, coupons, raffle tickets, appointment cards, etc. Use the post card area to pass on information and the tear-off section to make a remarkable statement.
Giving you more flexibility, Tear-Off Door Hangers give you an extra edge on the standard Tear-Off Cards. An amazing 3-in-1 promo piece, giving you the functionality of a door hanger while passing on information about your company and allowing your customer to conveniently receive and store your business card. This is truly a unique product giving you the extra edge in marketing your company, product, event, etc.
Make your own collectibles. Trading cards are available in a wide range of finishes to meet all your needs.
VARIABLE DATA Boost your open rates big time by choosing products with Variable Data. Personalized is a surefire way to pique customer interest and stand out from competitors. Products are printed in full color but actual Variable Data is printed in black ink only. Customers can submit additional files containing full color versions of their logo images to be printed alongside the data.
EVENT TICKET/NUMBERING/and OR PERFORATED High quality full coloR offset and digital printing on multiple premium paper stock option.
HAND TAGS For 14pt.-16PT Gloss Coated Cover, UV Coating will be applied to the color sides, unless No UV Coating on Back is selected.
RACK CARDS For 14pt.-16PT Gloss Coated Cover, UV Coating will be applied to the color sides, unless No UV Coating on Back is selected.
STAMPS Pre-Inked
Self Ink
Wood Handle